Survey : Latvia as gastronomic tourism destination for tourists from Western Europe
Hello ! I am doing a research on Latvian national food tourism as a part of my Master Thesis. My goal is to find out how to attract tourists from Western Europe, what are their experience and interests in food tourism. This questionnaire is only for people from following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein.

Definitions : Gastronomic tourism - is a type of tourism, with the main purpose of trip to taste national cuisine and high-quality food and beverage, made by highly specialized chefs and masters.

National food - characteristic dishes of some nation, which are normally distributed and available only in a particular country, they may have a unique or special recipe for serving and way of eating. National drinks and food set up national cuisine.

If you have ever visited Latvia and can`t remember the name of some of our national products, just try to describe its taste or appearance.

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion !

The survey has been closed and answers are not accepted any more.
Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for your answers and I recommend this website - it is easy to create surveys with!