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Create survey
What types of questions is it possible to include in surveys?
Surveys may include 10 different types of questions - starting from multiple choice questions to valuation scales, where you can find out the opinions, values and needs of respondents.
It is possible to use images in questions too. You can ask questions about company logo or advertisements; or find out which image is more attractive to the respondents.
More details on question types are available in section Question types.
Is it possible to create anonymous and non-anonymous surveys?
Yes, both options are available. For anonymous surveys do not use questions, which require to enter specific information about respondents. For non-anonymous surveys you can use mandatory questions about personal details.
What are transition answers and how to use them?
Transition or filter answers allows respondents to skip questions that are not relevant to them. For example, if in first question respondent answers that he does not watch television, then the next question (about his favorite TV channels) is not relevant to him and respondent will not see it. Transition answer, in this case, will move respondent to the third question. It is possible to set to which question respondent is moved depending on the answer option he chooses.
Is it possible to set which questions are mandatory and which are not?
Yes, this option is available. When creating question, it is possible to check option „Require answer to question”. If this option is unchecked, then question will not be mandatory and respondent will be able to skip the question.
Can I use images in my survey?
Yes, you can use images to create surveys:
  • Upload an image and ask questions about it.
  • Ask a question and use images as answer options.
  • Upload company logo, which will be displayed during survey.
I need to create survey about certain topic, but I do know what questions to include in survey?
Section „Survey templates” includes surveys about different topics. These examples show how to create successful surveys and also can be used as basis for your questionnaire.
Data collection
How can I send survey to my respondents?
Your web survey will have unique link, which you can send by email to your friends, classmates or colleagues. You can also publish this link in various discussion boards, Facebook and Twitter.
How many times is it possible to take survey from one computer?
From one computer it is possible to fill out survey only once. It is controlled using „Cookies” technology. If it is necessary to take survey more than once from the same computer, you can change this in survey settings.
Is it possible to view the answers of each separate respondent?
Yes, the answers of each respondent are available at the section “Results -> Respondents” or in Excel file. It is also possible to print out on paper the answers of each respondent.
Is it possible to delete answers?
There are two options how to delete answers:
  • Delete answer from the system completely (not recoverable). In section “Results -> Respondents” there is a delete link for each answer.
  • Download Excel file and delete unnecessary answers from this file. In this case answers will be removed from this file only and will remain in the system.
Can I change chart types of survey results?
The charts can be changed:
  • Summary of results are available for each survey question in the section “Results”. has created option to view these results in 4 different chart types: bar chart, column chart, pie and line charts. By changing charts types you can easily choose the most appropriate one and save it on your computer.
  • You can also create your own charts using Excel files.
Is it possible to process and analyze the results of survey in SPSS software?
Yes, for data processing in SPSS software special Excel file is available. The answers in this file are encoded with number values. Such data format allows copying data easy from Excel to SPSS.
Where can I see and analyse the results of my survey?
  • The results summary on survey questions, including graphs and percentage split.
  • The respondent summary (data on each participant).
  • All answers by each respondent (in Excel format).
  • You can out the results summary to others using special link.
For more details visit the section of Results.
After how much time the results of surveys are available?
Results of survey and database of respondents are available as soon as the survey has started and first respondent has completed the survey. services
What surveys can I carry out using online surveys is suitable for wide range of surveys:
  • Business companies - create surveys for clients, employees, market research and carry out wide range marketing surveys as the number of participants is unlimited.
  • Students can carry out surveys for academic research purposes that require to collect statistical data. For teachers - to evaluate their study course.
Data security and confidentiality
Ensuring data security and confidentiality is one of the main principles of
User profiles and surveys are stored without time limit. Company server is located at professional hosting provider with independent electricity provider that ensures server availability 24/7. More information – section Terms of use and privacy policy.